If no press is bad press, then Richard Sherman's the best publicist in the world. A year removed from being someone that was literally unidentifiable to the casual football fan, Sherman's the face of Super Bowl XLVIII and was easily the hottest name at 2014's Media Day. Credit him, too, for being savvy enough to craft this For the last week and change, Sherman's been the hottest topic not just in football, but the world of sports following his postgame rant after last Sunday's NFC Championship Game. But the world's probably disappointed in what they've gotten from Sherman. He hasn't had explosive comments or fiery responses or even the mildest of hot sports takes. He's been reserved, smart and respectful. This isn't a surprise. It's who Richard Sherman is. The world is certainly watching though. Sherman had a bigger crowd around his podium at Media Day on Tuesday than Peyton Manning did in the early session. And that wasn't because the media thinned out; reporters from every corner of the globe flocked to try and get a potent quotable from the brazen cornerback. He didn't necessarily deliver on that, but he did admit he enjoys the attention.