Folks, it's time we realize (or at least come to terms with) just how much say and power that Rich Paul, President and Founder of Klutch Sports, has in the NBA.

Sure, when you're LeBron James' agent your name is going to be well known in the Association, but Paul also represents All-Stars like Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and John Wall. Per Forbes, Rich has negotiated over $624 million in current contracts.

The renowned agent was named as the feature cover of this week's edition of "Sports Illustrated." Seriously. How often does an AGENT achieve this feat?

Paul is literally taking over the NBA and there's not a darn thing we can do about it. Though he's been a household name for several years, his true power came to life earlier in the season when he demanded that the New Orleans Pelicans trade his star client in a brazen, yet obvious attempt to reunite him with LBJ in Los Angeles.