Like many Redskins fans, I'm a wee bit nervous RGIII will push himself too hard in rehab. I don't take it as far as the Gilbert Arenas comparisons; however; at Baylor, he didn't take himself out of the game for multiple drives after tearing his ACL, and we all know what happened in the Seahawks game. So, why should rehab be any different with the hard deadline of a week one start? Dan Steinberg transcribed an interview Robert Griffin III had with Larry Michael on the subject: "My dad told me I'm already far ahead [of schedule], so if I feel something in my knee, just stop," Griffin continued. "It's just about being ready for Week 1. And going back to the criticism, a lot of people criticize; some of them actually DO care about my health. And that's something that I took pride in after I had the concussion at Atlanta and a few other injuries. So I'll do my part to make sure that I stay healthy and keep myself out of harm's way while at the same time making sure the coaches do the same."