A previously undisclosed right shoulder injury has been hampering Jose Reyes for the past month, and is behind the Toronto Blue Jays shortstop’s anomalous spike in throwing errors. Errant throws in consecutive games Sunday and Monday – each pulling Jose Bautista off the bag at first – gave the usually sturdy-armed Reyes 12 errors this season, eight of them of the throwing variety. His career-high for throwing errors is nine, set in 2006, underlining how atypical this stretch has been. “To be honest with you, I don’t know,” Reyes told Sportsnet on Tuesday when asked what triggered the problems. “It’s been long enough. One day I feel good, the next day I feel sore, that’s the way it is. Baseball, you’re never going to be perfect, you’re always going to have some soreness in your body. You need to find a way to control that.” The pain, which also bothers him on certain swings, isn’t bad enough to keep him out of the lineup, he insists. But it has made controlling the path of the ball difficult.