Rex Ryan may have finally figured out a way Tim Tebow can help the Jets. When asked about how the Patriots might use the former Jets backup quarterback/punt protector/Wildcat quarterback/H-back/tight end who has now joined forces with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in New England, Ryan delivered the line of the day. “If they want to replace Brady with him, that’s fine” Ryan cracked. More than a month after the Jets ended the Tebow experiment, Ryan and the Jets found themselves answering more Tebow questions yesterday. “I have a funny feeling there will be more questions about former players than current players,” Ryan said at the opening of his minicamp press conference. Ten of the 24 questions Ryan fielded regarded Tebow. After talking up how hard it would be to prepare for Tebow all last year, Ryan now says he’s not concerned about what Tebow could do for the division-rival Patriots. “I’m not worried about anything, really,” Ryan said. “I’m happy for the young man to get another opportunity in the league. It didn’t work out here. Obviously, he had more success in Denver than he did here. It is what it is.” Ryan shrugged when asked if he’s curious how Belichick will use Tebow. “Not really, no,” he said. If Tebow makes the Patriots, which is no given, he will face the Jets in Week 2 in Foxborough. Wide receiver Jeremy Kerley said he’ll treat Tebow like any other former teammate. “I’m going to talk trash to him,” Kerley said. “I’m happy for him. He’s a good dude. It’s a good fit for him. There’s no bad blood toward him. I think he’ll make the most of it over there.” Center Nick Mangold said his concern will be Vince Wilfork, not Tebowwhen the Jets and Patriots meet.