A day after wide receiver Santonio Holmes claimed he would take a pay cut to stay a Jet in 2014, coach Rex Ryan appreciated the sentiment, but wants him to focus on 2013. “I understand where he’s coming from, but I wish that focus was just right on this game,” Ryan said. “Obviously what happens after that is fine, we can address it then. But I just want our guys to be focused solely on this. “Let’s just put it all here, put it into this opponent and this game, and the future, whatever that is, [we’ll comment] at the appropriate time. “I just think he wants to be a Jet. We all do. That’s a whole locker room that wants to be Jets and they’re proud to be Jets and that makes me feel good. There’s no question about that. But, my point would be let’s finish this job, let’s put every bit of our attention to detail on Cleveland, and I’m talking to myself as well.’’ Ryan did the same thing Monday, when he discussed his desire to remain as Jets coach next season.