At this point, the Rays are known to be searching for a designated hitter and for another piece for their bullpen. In addition, it has recently come to light that the Rays may also be in search of a center fielder. While the Rays had originally been expected to either shift Desmond Jennings to center, or play Sam Fuld on a more consistent basis, that appears to no longer be the case. Naturally, given the list of free agent possibilities at center, one name stands out above any other: Michael Bourn. Bourn, who was a player that we originally looked at a month ago, is one of four players listed primarily as a center fielder that happen to be available, along with Scott Podsednik, Grady Sizemore, and Nyjer Morgan. Obviously, given the difference in talent, Bourn would seem the player most likely to sign someplace. Yet, there are a couple of major differences. First, Bourn is represented by Scott Boras, who is, given his track record, looking to squeeze every last cent out of any interested teams. Second, as a player that declined the qualifying offer that the Atlanta Braves offered him, any team that signs Bourn would be giving up a compensatory draft pick. Normally, both situations would appear to automatically preclude the Rays from signing Bourn, but that may not be the case.