The news that emerged this week is significant, and appropriate. The NFL and the retired players who filed a major class action regarding the failure to warn and protect them against head injuries have reached a revised settlement that eradicates the discriminatory practice of race-norming.

Put simply, the prior settlement incorporated a method for determining baseline cognitive function that placed Black players at a lower level than while players. This made it harder for Black players to prove cognitive impairment, since their post-football cognitive function was compared to a lower presumed starting point.

Both the league and the retired players agreed to the standards in the original settlement. A separate legal challenge, while unsuccessful in its own right, forced a reopening of the concussion settlement and a proposed deal that will result in a rescoring of cognitive tests previously taken by Black players, or possibly fresh testing.

“No race norms or race demographic estimates — whether Black or white — shall be used in the settlement program going forward,” the joint proposal submitted to Judge Anita Brody said, via the Associated Press.