Darrelle Revis, who could be in his final two weeks with the Jets, will make an important stop in New York Monday morning to visit Dr. Russell Warren, who performed his knee surgery last season, before he reports later in the day for the start of the Jets’ offseason workout program. Revis will travel from Phoenix, where he has been rehabbing since January, to his home in New Jersey in the next few days. He has an 8 a.m. appointment Monday with Warren at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan and then will travel to the Jets’ facility in Florham Park. He has not seen Warren since he left town. By all accounts, Revis is making excellent progress in his rehab. Warren, the Giants’ team doctor and orthopedist, operated on Revis on Oct. 16 to repair his left knee, after the cornerback tore his ACL Sept. 23 in Miami. On Thursday night, NFL Network showed footage of Revis running on a treadmill while a machine lifted him to remove 30 pounds of his body weight from weighing down on his knees. After his first run, Revis said there was “no swelling afterwards. “It was great, man. I was excited,” Revis said of being able to hop on the treadmill. What the segment lacked, however, was much reaction from Revis on the constant chatter about a possible trade, most likely to Tampa Bay. “I know that’s a lot of talk but we’ll see what happens, if I’m there or if I’m not,” Revis said. “That’s the next phase for me, in my career, is these next couple weeks.” The Jets have been in endless trade talks with the Bucs about dealing Revis. If the trade is finalized, the Jets are expected to receive the Bucs’ first-round pick, 13th overall, in the April 25-27 draft, along with one or two lower-round picks. They already own the ninth pick.