What is it exactly? “What is Revis Island?” the man asked you back. “It’s right here. I guess you’ve just got to picture it. It’s not your typical vacation destination. It’s a place where it might be thundering and storming for receivers. It got renovated this offseason because of my injury but it’s opening back up come the start of the season.” Brand new Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis considered the nickname he trademarked. “Mostly it’s about doing the job” he said. When you’re the Island you fear no one. You don’t fret over the ACL injury that wiped out your final season with the New York Jets who traded you to the Bucs who you face in today’s season opener. Figures. All that New York noise everyone waiting to see you and your knee everyone. But fear? It never figures into anything. When you’re the Island the one the Bucs hope transforms a defense you don’t talk about being the best cornerback in the NFL not ever. That’s not your style and you have style. Anyway your peers say it for you. On the Island you grow up looking at your heroes at shut-down corner ... Deion Sanders ... Darrell Green ... and Ty Law a neighborhood guy same high school as you Aliquippa Pa. “I think it all started when I first started playing football when I played Pop Warner” Revis said. “I tried to mimic Deion Sanders Darrell Green looking up at them guys and Ty Law my hometown guy like people were trying to mimic (Michael) Jordan moves.” Revis laughed. “Hey I was doing Jordan moves too.” He said “To me I viewed it as looking at success. They were the best the best at what they did. I wanted to be like that. I just always wanted to be the best corner in the league.” On the Island you’re never the hunted. You’re the hunter. “That’s my comfort zone being out there on my island just me and him that receiver” Revis said.