Well, if you had “early February 2018” in the pool for when disgraced Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel was going to pitch his comeback — congratulations. Johnny M. was booked on a national morning TV show last week to tell the world that he is contrite, sober and aware that he has no one to blame but himself. He’s ready to put in the hard work and hopes for a second chance. The NFL yawned. If you missed that interview, no worries. The 49ers’ Reuben Foster will almost surely be doing one soon. Because now, he really, really gets it. Which is to ignore the laundry line of red flags that trailed both Manziel and Foster to the NFL and beyond. Ever notice how trouble just seems to follow some guys around? Other NFL players never crack the police blotter. Do you think it is just bad luck? Because it looks more like a trend. And the fallback narrative … that they didn’t realize how serious this is … is nonsense. No need to run through the crime sheet for Manziel. He’s done it all: missed meetings, abused drugs, been drunk and disorderly and committed domestic abuse. His own father said he feared Manziel wouldn’t live to “his 24th birthday.” When the Browns cut him the city of Cleveland, which once embraced him, cheered. Foster doesn’t have as long a list, but it is troubling. Although not as serious as the alleged domestic abuse of his girlfriend, it is Foster’s marijuana bust in Alabama on Jan. 12 that sets the bar for entitled cluelessness.