The education of Jarvis Jones continued Monday as the Steelers stepped into their third and final week of training camp still looking for the "wow" factor from their first-round draft pick. They expect it to come and they expected it to evolve the way it has. No rookie has claimed a starting outside linebacker job with the Steelers in the previous 31 years they've run the 3-4 defense and barring injury Jones might not be the first. What his coaches would like to do is rotate him into the defense the way they did in 2007 with the rookie LaMarr Woodley. As with a young bronco first they have to break Jones of certain habits like doing whatever it was he felt like doing in Georgia's 3-4 defense. "He has a great inside move" said Keith Butler who is in his 11th season coaching the Steelers linebackers. "He is as quick as anybody and when he gets that inside move on you it's very hard to stop him from getting to the quarterback. He's very good at that. "But ... we have a lot of things going on inside him with stunts and games and things like that that if he does go inside he's going to run into somebody. And so we don't want to put him in a position where he's running into someone else's rush lane. We want to keep him outside. "It's not just all him doing what he wants to all the time. He's got to do what the defense requires more than anything else." Even those who have played as long as Butler has coached must fight that. Troy Polamalu admittedly guessed wrong Saturday night and it cost the Steelers a touchdown. Sometimes the freelancing works too. "James Harrison did it in the Super Bowl and gets a touchdown" Butler recalled. "Then two years later he does the same and gets a touchdown scored on him by Tom Brady. Those are great when they work. Just make sure you're doing it at the right time."