Rajon Rondo, who missed Wednesday’s season-ending loss to Washington due to a sore hamstring, reported for treatment at the Celtics’ Waltham practice facility yesterday. Rest and rehab are paramount now for the Celtics point guard, as coach Brad Stevens is anticipating great things from his captain next season. “I heard Danny (Ainge) say this and I agree — I think he’ll have a monster year next year,” said Stevens. “A lot of that will be determined by his work in the summer. And as everyone knows, (the coaches are) available all summer (to work with).” For Stevens, that may apply especially to Rondo. “I think we both want to be better,” said Stevens. “It’s really important that we are on the same page, and continue to really focus from a work standpoint at getting to be the best that we can be. His health is getting back to full strength, which is exciting. You saw that at times late in the season. Because he was coming off the ACL he had a couple of little nagging things as well, and it contributed to that inconsistency and availability, especially late in the year.” Anyone can go Ainge made it clear during his weekly morning appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub that no player, and that includes Rondo, is beyond being packaged in the right deal. “I tell all the players, even the great ones — Paul (Pierce) and KG (Kevin Garnett) — it’s my job to make the Celtics better,” said the Celts president of basketball operations. “And if somebody does something and makes an offer that makes us look a lot better in the long term and short term, I have to look at them. “But there’s players that I anticipate being here and I’m not as actively pursuing to trade. But yeah, nobody can be completely off limits.” Rondo, of course, is accustomed to the drill. And Ainge believes that he can handle the uncertainty. “I think he handles it well,” said Ainge. “I’ve talked with Rondo. We have a good relationship, we’ve talked a lot. I know as a player myself I would have appreciated more honesty. I would have been able to deal with life a little bit better. I know that there’s a lot of players that have shared with me how much they appreciate the honesty. It’s really the only way I know how to operate with them. And maybe (that’s) because I was a player and coach.