The Celtics still don’t know whether Kevin Garnett will be playing basketball next season, but if he does, the veteran is obviously hoping offseason rest will solve the left foot and ankle problems that dogged him for a part of this past season. President of basketball operations Danny Ainge reports that Garnett will not go under the knife to deal with bone spurs and other issues. “I think there was some question whether he was going to have surgery on his foot,” said Ainge. “but the last I heard, which was a few days ago, is that he won’t need surgery.” Ainge reiterated yesterday, as the workout portion of the NBA combine concluded, that the Celts are giving Garnett time to weigh his career options. This follows the club’s own need for time to see what type of roster it may be able to put around the big man, who turns 37 tomorrow. Take your pick The Celtics have just one pick in the June 27 draft, No. 16 overall. That may, of course, not still be the case when the night arrives. “We’re always having discussions about moving up and moving down and moving out,” said Ainge. “That’s just like every other year. But I don’t know what the chances are of that happening.” He feels confident the Celts will have choices to make regarding deals involving picks. “Sure, I think I will have chances,” Ainge said. “It’s always about what price you’ve got to pay to do that — and what are you going to get for that, of course. But there will probably be a lot of discussion, because this draft isn’t as star-studded as some other drafts.