Patrick Kane read the same words from general manager Stan Bowman that Jonathan Toews did about Bowman’s confidence the two will re-sign with the Blackhawks when that time comes. Color Kane optimistic. Kane said it would be “ideal” if he re-signed with the Blackhawks – his contract like Toews’ ends after the 2014-15 season – but the right wing sounded like he’d rather talk about now than later. “It’d be ideal to stay here but we’ll cross that path when we get to it” said Kane who was part of the Blackhawks’ first camp session on Thursday. “That’s the ultimate goal to win championships and play for an organization like this. But I’m still a young kid. To say what’s going to happen the rest of my career I don’t know.” Well maybe not entire career but likely for the next contract anyway. Kane like Toews has enjoyed the fruits of the revitalized Blackhawks – well the two basically set the franchise in this new motion as Bowman reminded us all yesterday. Kane said he hasn’t talked to Toews about those upcoming contracts yet. For him it’s about camp and this season not the one two years from now.