Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and Matt Nagy remains the head coach of the Chicago Bears. That means the report earlier this week claiming Nagy was on the verge of being fired was inaccurate. The reporter responsible for it is now owning up to it — sort of.

Mark Konkol of, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who previously worked for the Chicago Sun-Times, reported on Tuesday that Bears ownership had informed Nagy he would be fired regardless of what happened in Thursday’s game. Chicago won and Nagy kept his job, at least for now. On Friday, Konkol published a new article in which he tried to explain what went wrong.

Konkol acknowledged that he may have been “bamboozled” by a high-level source that he trusted. He said he doesn’t know if he was lied to or if something changed after he spoke with his source. Konkol said he offered the Bears a chance to address the information he obtained but that he “got snarky answers rather than straight ones.” He also noted that many members of the Chicago media don’t trust the Bears to tell the truth.