It’s the offseason in the NFL which means players are off doing their own things in different places. All we can do is hope that all goes well.

According to TMZ, all is not necessarily going super well for Tyrone Crawford these days. They reported on Tuesday morning that he was involved in a bar altercation in Florida last Friday night.

Crawford was at the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Panama City on March 15, when things got violent around midnight. Sources tell us Crawford’s crew had gotten into it with bar staff.

At first this doesn’t seem too terrible, but then you find out the secondary details. According to the report, and there’s apparently video evidence, Crawford pushed two police offers.

At one point, Crawford -- 6’4”, 285 pounds -- bull rushed his way through two cops and aggressively put his hands on TWO officers who were in the process of handcuffing one of the alleged combatants.

Multiple cops swarmed Crawford and restrained him -- while pushing him away from the arrest scene.

The incident involving Crawford was captured on the bar’s surveillance video and shows the scene play out clear as day.