The Texas A&M basketball team has struggled to string together consecutive wins in conference play this season and haven’t done so since the its three-game win streak to begin SEC play in January. The Aggies looked primed for two-straight this weekend on the road against Vanderbilt. With a 49-47 lead with nine seconds remaining chaos ensued. The Aggies inbounded the ball to Jamal Jones who was trapped in front of the Vanderbilt bench. The trap resulted in a jump ball in the Commodores favor but replays show that A&M’s Alex Caruso called for a timeout, something the referee’s did not see. According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, Aggie coach Billy Kennedy has made the SEC aware of the situation that eventually sent the game into overtime and resulted in a 57-54 Vanderbilt win. “Kennedy confirmed to that he has talked with SEC coordinator of officials Jake Bell and said he is ‘confident that the matter will be handled responsibly,’” Goodman said. Goodman reports that Kennedy could not see the play because Vanderbilt is one of the only teams in the nation with benches underneath the baskets at their home court. Kentucky coach John Calipari addressed the layout on Monday’s SEC Teleconference according to Goodman. “It’s the only arena in the country like that,” Calipari said. “The easy solution is make it like it’s played on a raised court like Minnesota or the Final Four. Then coaches can get a stool if they choose to.”