Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has a couple of interesting pieces of information in his latest column. The first is that some of the remaining free agents — of which there are many — are considering starting their own spring training camp. The second is that the MLBPA is investigating whether or not the Marlins and Pirates, who have both traded franchise icons this offseason, are reinvesting their money into baseball operations rather than pocketing it. The spring training idea is a smart one, though it’s sad that the situation has come to this. Free agents would be hurt competitively by getting a later start to the spring than their under-contract peers. It’s a good idea to collaborate with other free agents so that if and when they finally sign a contract, they are ahead of or on schedule as they would be otherwise. When and where that free agent camp would be held is not yet known. It is certainly worth the effort for the MLBPA to ensure that the Marlins and Pirates are putting their money back into the team. Catching either team up to no good would, in the short term, potentially add two suitors to the free agent mix. Long term, it would give them significant leverage in negotiations for the next collective bargaining agreement, which expires on December 1, 2021. The competitive balance tax, colloquially known as the luxury tax, and the draft are likely to be big topics of conversation. The players’ union will likely try to have the CBT removed entirely and may also try to remove incentives (read: draft picks) for teams to tank.