reports that when Pistons forward Greg Monroe, who has seen his role diminished in the Pistons' semi-star-studded malaise this year, hits free agency, his agent expects him to get the max. The problem, as the Pistons knew last fall, is that Monroe's agent is David Falk. He has gotten the price he said he'd get for his clients for two decades -- and he says the price for Monroe will be a max contract. Two years ago, when a big deal for Indiana's Roy Hibbert, a Falk client, seemed doubtful, Falk created a one-team market. Portland dropped a four-year, $58 million sheet on Indiana for Hibbert. The Pacers matched, and are no doubt happy they did, but Falk proved he can still find suitors when he has to for his guys. ... Yet the Pistons aren't going to move Monroe unless it's a blockbuster deal. Offering just expiring contracts won't get it done. The hope in Detroit is that Monroe's situation is resolved in similar fashion to how Oklahoma City eventually worked out a four-year, $49 million contract with Serge Ibaka before he hit free agency. (The Thunder had the obvious advantage of having Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook as lures to play with through the meat of Ibaka's career.) If Falk finds a team ready to give Monroe the max or something close to it, expect Detroit to match the offer sheet and worry about the money later. At worst, you'd have a 24-year-old, 6-foot-10 power forward under contract that you'd then be able to shop. The Pistons had to lose a lot to wind up with top-10 picks in three straight Drafts. Those assets mean more to them than they probably do to others. via Eight talented players that may feel trade deadline rumblings | Hibbert still gets (unwarranted) criticism for being a max player despite his defensive impact, just as Monroe will face criticism for a big-money deal due to his defensive deficiencies and in spite of being a terrific offensive weapon. I think it's difficult to look at the player he was his first three years in the league and disregard it when the Pistons as a whole are a mess. Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings are launching long twos, that leads to long rebounds. Monroe hasn't played as well, but his skillset remains intact and despite his defensive issues, he's a willing player who gives effort. You can mold those guys.