The NBA trade deadline passed at 2:00 PM CT back on Thursday, Feb. 7. It was “leaked” a day prior that the Spurs had been trying to trade 38-year-old center Pau Gasol and obviously had no luck since he is still with the team. However, it is now being reported through ESPN Deportes that Gasol actually asked the Spurs to trade him prior to the deadline.

The closing of the trade deadline in the NBA left Pau Gasol with the San Antonio Spurs against the will of the player.

The Spanish power forward had asked for a change of air from those in charge of the Texas franchise, but the negotiations did not reach any avenue and Pau will end the season where it started, with the Spurs jersey.

This would explain the excess amount of playing time he got in recent weeks: the Spurs were trying to showcase him for possible suitors. Gasol admits his reduced role is not ideal as he has been clearly passed by Jakob Poeltl in the rotation. Since the deadline passed, Poeltl has returned to his spot ahead of Gasol in the rotation.