Under normal circumstances you could write it in ink that the Super Bowl LIII champion Patriots would be hosting the NFL opener on a Thursday night in September next year. The 2019 season, however, may be changing that. Because the NFL is celebrating it's 100th season, the league may go in a different direction. 

Jeff Duncan of NOLA.com reported leading up to Super Bowl LIII that the NFL is planning open the season with the Packers and Bears. That would likely kick the Patriots back to Sunday Night Football to put a bow on opening weekend. That said, Ben Volin of The Boston Globe reported over the weekend that New England is still in the running to be in the NFL's opener, but it's not automatically going to be the Super Bowl winner this year. 

The NFL seemingly is looking for a more classic matchup to kickoff their 100th season, rather than prop up the Super Bowl champions. If this does go down with the Packers and Bears acquiring that opening night, you can pretty much take it to the bank that the Patriots will have another primetime game that week on either Sunday or Monday night.