Former NFL executive Bill Polian garnered attention for suggesting Nick Foles should net a massive haul of draft picks, but Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman is reporting something far different — and far more feasible. Freeman acknowledged that while it’s possible a franchise overpays for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, it’s “hard to believe” the price for Foles will be anything close to Polian’s suggestion. “TEAMS TELL ME THE MOST THEY BELIEVE THE EAGLES WOULD GET FOR FOLES IS A FIRST-ROUND PICK. IF THE PATRIOTS GOT A SECOND-ROUND PICK FROM THE 49ERS FOR JIMMY GAROPPOLO, TEAMS THINK A SUPER BOWL-WINNING QUARTERBACK IS WORTH AT LEAST A FIRST-ROUNDER.” Foles is one of the most coveted available quarterbacks, not only because of his Super Bowl victory but thanks to a hugely affordable contract.