On the heels of Cesar Carrillo's 100-game suspension for his Biogensis ties, ESPN's T.J. Quinn reports that MLB now has Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez "strongly in their sights." Rodriguez and Braun are of course prominently linked to the Biogenesis clinic in South Florida and alleged purveyor of PEDs Dr. Anthony Bosch. While Rodriguez's alleged ties to Bosch and Biogenesis seem to be more well documented than Braun's (Braun long ago put forward a plausible explanation for his name appearing on clinic documents), the Brewers' slugger of course remains on MLB's radar because of his overturned suspension in 2012. As Quinn subsequently notes, disciplining Carrillo, who is a minor-league and thus not under the aegis of the MLBPA, poses less of a challenge than going after the tenured and well-represented (and wealthy) likes of A-Rod and Braun. As well, does the Miami New Times' decision not to turn over their files to MLB make mounting a case more difficult? It would seem so. Nonetheless, it seems that Rodriguez and Braun should prepare themselves for a vigorous disciplinary effort on the part of MLB.