Perhaps money wasn’t the only reason the Seattle Seahawks traded Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Seahawks for half a peanut, after all. According to Albert Breer of The MMQB, there were some other issues at play that caused Seattle to be rid of one of its top defensive linemen. “WE’LL HAVE MORE ON THE MICHAEL BENNETT TRADE LATER IN THE COLUMN, BUT I WANTED TO ADDRESS FIRST WHAT THE EAGLES ARE GETTING FROM THE SEAHAWKS: A PLAYER WHO ISN’T QUITE WHAT HE WAS AND PICKED HIS SPOTS MORE THAN HE HAS IN THE PAST, ACCORDING TO THE THREE OFFENSIVE COACHES I ASKED ABOUT HIM. HE WAS ALSO A PAIN IN THE ASS FOR THE SEATTLE COACHES. THE GOOD NEWS? WITH THE DEPTH OF THE EAGLES DEFENSIVE LINE, BENNETT WILL BE MORE OF A SPOT PLAYER THERE, AND PHILLY’S LOCKER ROOM, ON PAPER, IS A GOOD FIT.” Breer elaborated a bit more, writing, “Defensive end Michael Bennett became, to some degree, a problem for the coaches last year and his play was less consistent with a lower top end at 32.” Now, Breer mentions Bennett “isn’t quite what he was” and that he was “less consistent,” but let’s be honest, he was hardly unproductive.