Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey were accused last month of assaulting nightclub patrons at a nightclub during the twin brothers' annual birthday bash in Miami. Though an attorney for the brothers denied the Pouncey's involvement, the Miami Herald's Adam Beasley reports that Maurkice, a Steelers center who signed a five-year, $44 million extension in June, is set to be charged with misdemeanor battery. This news comes courtesy of personal injury attorney Marwan Porter, who's representing three people who have made these allegations. Mike, a Dolphins center, reportedly will not be charged. More from Beasley: Attorney Jeff Ostrow, who represents the Pounceys, told the Miami Herald late Thursday that, as far as he knew, an assistant state attorney had not been assigned to review the evidence. “Until such time, no charges can be formally filed against either of my clients," Ostrow continued. "From what we've discovered, the evidence supporting the battery claims is flimsy, at best." Ostrow pointed to inconsistencies in the accusers' claims, and added that the defense has “many witnesses who are prepared to testify under sworn oath that neither Maurkice nor Mike had anything to do with the incident. Consequently, after the state reviews all the evidence, I find it highly unlikely that formal charges will be filed against either of the Pouncey brothers.”