The Los Angeles Lakers would be in a much stronger position this offseason if the trade that landed them Anthony Davis is not completed until July 30, but that is apparently something they did not concern themselves with when they were working to pry the star big man away from the New Orleans Pelicans.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne said Wednesday that the date in which the Davis trade would be executed was not a significant factor in the Lakers’ discussions with New Orleans, and it clearly should have been.

“This should have been central to the conversations with the Pelicans, and my understanding is that it was not,” Shelburne said. “The way it’s been described to me is the Lakers called back (after the initial deal) about this. If this was important to you, this is something you should have been arguing for in the deal construction.”

As of now, the trade is expected to be completed on July 6 when the moratorium lifts. The Lakers will have $23.6 million in cap space at that point if Davis receives his $4.1 million trade bonus and $27.7 million if he agrees to waive it.