Kristaps Porzingis reportedly wasn’t enthusiastic about playing with Kevin Durant, the Knicks’ clear top target in free agency. Maybe that had something to do with New York trading Porzingis to the Mavericks.

Frank Isola of The Athletic:

The private response from Porzingis’ camp is that the Knicks’ spin is utter nonsense, especially the story about Durant, the superstar who nicknamed Porzingis the Unicorn. In fact, the Mavericks are expected to pursue Durant this summer in free agency and yes, Porzingis would welcome Durant with open arms.

Maybe the Knicks leaked that Porzingis didn’t want to play with Durant in order to smear Porzingis. They did plenty to question Porzingis’ commitment to New York while sending him out the door.

But Zach Lowe’s report about this noted he was unsure whether the Knicks even knew of Porzingis’ apprehension about playing with Durant.