If it's a fight the NFL owners want, they'll find one in Jerry Jones. The league is reportedly seeking to recoup upwards of $2 million in legal fees stemming from the Dallas Cowboys' owner stalling the contract talks of commissioner Roger Goodell, a move being pushed forward by member teams who shouldered the cost of keeping Jones at bay during the negotiation process in 2017. Jones ultimately walked away from the battle late in the season, and many were under the impression it was now water under the bridge. To the owners who helped foot the bill, however, the bridge is still underwater. For his part, as expected, Jones will not simply roll over and fork over the monies they claim he owes. According to Judy Battista of NFL Network, he's expected to contest the repayment. Here's the plot twist though: If he does, it'll then go to a hearing before...wait for it...Goodell himself.