After former Michigan State athletic physician Larry Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison earlier this week for sexual abuse in the USA gymnastics scandal, athletic director Mark Hollis abruptly announced his retirement on Friday morning and the fallout from a growing scandal has moved directly into the Spartans football and basketball programs. Now we know a little more about what led to Hollis' decision. According to a report from ESPN's Outside The Lines, a culture of sexual and physical assault existed inside the football and men's basketball program that had not been previously reported. Included in that culture was an effort by the school in court on three separate occasions to withhold names of athletes on public police records within the campus police department, and the redaction of information on public records to a point where the records became useless. Included in the report are six previously unreported incidents involving the football team. At least 16 Spartan football players have been accused of rape or physical violence since coach Mark Dantonio took over prior to the 2007 season. In 2010, a woman claimed to campus police that she was raped by two football players in 2009 after a fraternity party. She did not press charges. In 2013, a student reported an incident with campus judicial services about an incident involving a freshman football player in which she did not consent to sexual intercourse while intoxicated. She did not pursue charges. In May 2014, the parents of a deceased former student filed a report to campus police detailing a 2007 gang rape involving four football players. Details of the incident were included in the victim's journal, but charges were not brought because the claims could not be verified.