Is new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid preparing for an offensive shift to the Pistol attack that combines the shotgun-spread passing game with a power running game? Reid isn't going to ditch his cherished West Coast offense, but the early signs suggest he's going to turn to the Pistol as an occasional curveball to throw at defensive coordinators. The surest sign yet came Monday when the Chiefs imported the godfather of the Pistol offense. Former Nevada coach Chris Ault has agreed to a consultant position with the organization, reported Dan Hinxman of the Reno Gazette-Journal on Monday. It's an interesting move given Alex Smith ran the spread-option under Urban Meyer at Utah and the Chiefs in March announced that former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was hired with the title of "Spread Game Analyst/Special Projects." The Pistol quarterback lines up four yards behind in the line of scrimmage in a shorter shotgun with a running back behind him or even sidesaddle, as the Washington Redskins did with Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris. It enables the quarterback to take advantage of the read-option and play-action while also allowing for downhill power runs, counters and gaps from the tailback. "The Pistol is here to stay," Ault declared in January. In a copy-cat league, it's no surprise that the Chiefs plan to take advantage of Smith's athleticism after seeing the success of the Redskins, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks last season.