Year in review: For a third straight season and under a new goaltending coach, Mason compiled some of the worst statistics in the NHL, prompting the Blue Jackets to recognize that he can't be their starter next season. … The Blue Jackets have said Mason could return as the back-up next season, but it seems their preference is to move on without him. Good luck with that, as he has $3.2 million remaining on his deal. … It's not all Mason, of course. The play in front of him has never been up to NHL standards, and its had a corrosive effect on both his psyche and his technique. The result? There's no confidence between Mason and his teammates, in either direction. … Most agree that the 2008-09 season, when Mason won the Calder Trophy and nearly won the Vezina Trophy, was ultimately the worst thing that could have happened to him an the Blue Jackets. Simply put: Mason thought this was going to be easy. … Then again, what else could the Blue Jackets do in 2008-09?