Suspended Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun reached out to fellow players for support in discrediting urine test collector Dino Laurenzi Jr. following his failed drug test in 2011 reports Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports. He reached out Matt Kemp Troy Tulowitzki and Joey Votto among others. According to Passan Braun told others Laurenzi was an anti-Semitic Cubs fans. A number of players including Brewers teammates believed the allegations. A source close to Laurenzi confirmed to Passan he is not anti-Semitic though his fan affiliation is unclear. Kemp told reporters that those Braun reached out to felt “betrayed” and “disappointed.” Braun called Laurenzi "very suspicious" during a news conference in spring training 2012 after successfully appealing the failed test due to chain-of-custody concerns. Laurenzi mishandled the sample.