Moving on from Marvin Lewis apparently isn’t as trouble-free as the Bengals may’ve thought.

Reports surfaced yesterday that the Bengals were zeroing in on hiring Rams’ quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor as their next head coach. Taylor, who’s current team is still in the playoffs, cannot be offered the position or announced as the new coach until his season with the team concludes.

The former is apparently what the Bengals fear the league will find out via an investigation, per Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk:

Per a league source, the Bengals currently are “terrified” that the league will investigate whether they violated the constantly-violated rules regarding the making of offers to head-coaching candidates before offers can be made.

Now, the initial reports clearly stated that Taylor was simply the preferred option for the Bengals, meaning he’s their top choice and if he remains available by the time he’s free to move on from the Rams.