While Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing process for his appeal of a 211 game suspension drags on (and on ... and on ... and on), the New York Times has a rather lengthy update on the hearing -- which is on a break until Nov. 18. The entire article is a pretty comprehensive summary of everything that has transpired thus far, so, if interested, definitely click through and check it out. Buried within is this little nugget, however: According to people involved with baseball's antidoping program, he failed a drug test for stimulants in 2006, a previously undisclosed charge. This is entirely possible to have happened and not been publicly disclosed by MLB, because under the joint drug agreement, a first positive stimulant test doesn't carry a suspension. A second violation is a 25-game suspension and a third violation is an 80-game ban. One might recall that Miguel Tejada failed his second and third tests of the variety this past season, so he was nailed for 105 games.