In 2013, the Eagles had one of the most explosive offenses in the history of the NFL. That is not an exaggeration. Their most explosive player on offense was DeSean Jackson. We'll come back to DeSean momentarily. While the Eagles have been recognized nationally for being a high-powered offense, they were overshadowed by Peyton Manning and the 2013 Broncos, who scored 20 more TDs (71) during the regular season than any other team in the NFL. The Eagles were 2nd, with 51. While the Eagles scored a lot, it was the way in which they did it that made them the extremely explosive offense they were in 2013. For example, last season, the Eagles had 99 plays of 20+ yards during the regular season, for an average of 6.19 "explosive plays" per game. That is the most in the NFL since the league began tracking plays of 20+ yards back in 1991. They had 22 more 20+ yard plays than the next closest team, which was the Broncos.