After missing the last two games with "flu like symptoms" and an announcement that he wouldn't be playing in Toronto tomorrow either, fans and media began to wonder just how bad this flu was that was keeping Rene Bourque on the sidelines. Well it turns out that he's actually concussed, which is horrible news for a player in the midst of a bounce back year. The news came with a bit of derision for the Habs not coming clean right away about the nature of the injury, but it's highly possible that they didn't know. If Bourque was already sick, and we know that the flu has been going around the Habs locker room, it is possible that dizziness and fatigue could be attributed to his illness, and it was only when they persisted that he was tested. I'm speculating, but this seems likely to me. There is no hit on Bourque that stands out in my mind as one that would cause him to be concussed, but it must have happened in the game against the New York Islanders last week.