Dwyane Wade had the devilish look of a first-grader who had just pulled off the most mischievous of pranks. The Miami Heat on Monday had just completed their 15th straight victory, the longest win streak in franchise history. With teammate LeBron James speaking with reporters, Wade found the perfect way to intervene. He tossed a sweaty T-shirt in the media scrum, trying to break James' focus. When outed, Wade let out a grin that was symbolic of the mood surrounding the team. The Heat are running away with the Eastern Conference while establishing themselves as the top team in the NBA. More importantly, they are doing it while having the best of times. For the past month, it's been all business on the court. The fun begins the moment the final buzzer sounds as they find ways to enjoy their remarkable run. "It's fun," Wade said. "I've been on the opposite of this. We've won 15 [straight]. How many did we lose before when I was here, [15 in 2007-08]? We lost a lot, so I've been on the opposite side. ... You've got to enjoy it. That's what we're doing. Obviously, off the court, we're enjoying each other as teammates and on the court we enjoy playing together." From the way things are looking, the fun could continue for a long time. The Heat are to the point they are winning without playing at their best. They allowed the Timberwolves to hang around before closing it out midway through the fourth quarter.