If James Reimer was hurt so badly in the first period Saturday night, why didn't he come out of the net immediately? The goaltender said Sunday when he first was hit, he didn't think he was wounded that badly. "I don't want to come out in the middle of the play," Reimer said after watching the team's practice Sunday. "It wasn't like it was super aggravating. You want to stay in there for the full period and then get a full evaluation in the intermission." That evaluation went through much of the break until finally Leafs coaching and medical staff decided to make the switch. As for the shot he took from Brian Gionta, Reimer didn't believe there was any intent to injure. "I obviously don't think he tried to do it," Reimer said. "I guess it's up to the NHL, but I don't really think so. I don't think he stuck out his elbow or anything. It's just some contact in front of the net."