Detroit Lions tailback Reggie Bush is excited to reunite with Joe Lombardi. He's excited to get to know Jim Caldwell. He's excited to be back with his teammates this week. "It's good to have everybody here right now," he said, "and everybody's working." Everybody? What about Ndamukong Suh, who has yet to show up for offseason conditioning while the rest of his teammates get to work putting a 7-9 season behind them? That's when Bush acknowledged Suh's absence, but added it does not bother players. "From what I know, it's a contract thing," Bush said Thursday morning. "That's the business side of it, and we all go through it. Everyone understands. No one's looking down on him." Suh's agent, Jimmy Sexton, is in the embryonic stages of working out an extension with the team that could make Suh the highest-paid defensive tackle in the league. So that's one possible explanation for his absence.