There is no such thing as an NFL free agency no-brainer. The last time the Lions encountered such a "perfect fit" in free agency, they signed quarterback Scott Mitchell away from the Miami Dolphins almost 20 years ago. And how did that work out? Remember that during the Reggie Bush sweepstakes over the next 24 to 48 hours. Plenty of people who know more about football than I could ever hope to comprehend insist there's no better free-agent marriage than the former Heisman Trophy winner and the Lions. Bush could fill a crucial void in the offense, providing Matthew Stafford with a genuine dual threat out of the backfield. The Lions amassed bushels of yards through the air last season. But they didn't score enough touchdowns relative to that yardage because they were primarily empty pass completions, plays that rarely got behind the steady two-deep safety coverage they faced all season. Bush could turn those meaningless 3 yards on third down when you need 5 into a 30-yard explosion. And force defenses to sneak at least one of those safeties a little closer. There are many reasons the Lions should do whatever necessary to acquire Bush once the formal free-agent season begins at 4 p.m. today. But there's also one overriding reason they should run -- not walk -- away from him.