The decision, almost a weekly one for more than a month, revolves around Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams' present versus his future. It's a delicate balance: Try and keep playing as long as possible this season versus making sure he can play for several more years. Williams wants to play now. He wants to play long into the future. It might be difficult to accomplish both. That's partly why he sat out Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He's dealing with a bone bruise as well as ligament damage in his right knee. The latter will likely require surgery eventually and a six- to nine-month recovery period. The bruise, they hope, might calm down after a few weeks rest and that could prolong his season. Doctors told Williams he should rest the bone bruise for a couple weeks, which is why he knew late Friday he wouldn't be playing against the Cowboys. He's holding out hope of playing at the Seattle Seahakws on Sunday, but knows that might not be the best choice for him. Williams said there's a "small chance" he won't finish the season, but the truth is he's not really sure. "I've been dealing with it and it just hasn't gotten any better," Williams said. "It's progressively gotten worse. I'm essentially where I started a month later, so if it continues down that road I'm probably not going to be available for my team for a long time." Williams has made five straight Pro Bowls and, if he can continue this season, likely would make it six in a row. Even hurt he can play at a solid level. But he's playing, and living, in pain. Williams nearly sat against the San Francisco 49ers two weeks ago, but when he was asked if he could go and he, as he's done in the past, he said yes. Coach Jay Gruden told him he needed him; Williams was accommodating. Williams said he's met with at least four doctors and received a variety of opinions about having surgery.