The Giants have made some roster moves, the Eagles renegotiated their contract with Michael Vick, and there are a lot of rumblings coming out of Dallas, particularly in regards to their contract extension talks with Tony Romo (or lack thereof). But things have been remarkably quiet at Redskins Park. And they are likely to stay that way for a couple of weeks. The Redskins don’t have very many obvious candidates for release for cap purposes or restructure. Usually those are the players with huge cap numbers and the Redskins don’t have any of those. Their highest cap number is Pierre Garçon’s $8.2 million. The Giants’ top number is Eli Manning’s $20.85 million and they have a total of four players counting more against the cap than does Garçon. Romo’s $16.82 million cap number is the highest on the Cowboys and six players count for $8 million or more. Now that Vick has been restructured Nnamdi Asomugha’s $15 million is the tops on the Eagles’ list and they have four players with cap numbers higher that Garçon’s. Since their salary structure is not top heavy there aren’t any easy fixes to their cap situation, which has them a reported $4 million over the cap. They will have to decide if they are going to offer tenders to their restricted free agents like Rob Jackson and Darrel Young. Each tender will push them about $1.32 million further over the cap.