Washington Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy appeared as the starter on the Redskins' first depth chart, but was unable to play in the preseason opener due to leg surgery he underwent this offseason. While many starters get the first preseason game off, McCoy may be forced to miss the second preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals as well. 

McCoy broke his fibula in December, and after the initial surgery, he needed another procedure done this spring. According to the Redskins' official website, the fracture site in McCoy's leg hadn't healed correctly because he was back on his feet faster than he should have been. 

"It's just something he's still dealing with and we will have to deal with," head coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Tuesday. "But the main thing is to make sure he's comfortable back there and has enough strength to push off and throw and feels good about if he does get hit that (McCoy's leg) is healthy and stable, which it is."

McCoy practiced with the team on Sunday, but was held out of practice on Tuesday due to soreness. He has not officially been ruled out of Thursday night's matchup, but his status is definitely up in the air.