Ask Brandon Meriweather — owner of the second-most famous reconstructed right knee at Washington Redskins training camp — for his expectations for the upcoming season and the veteran safety doesn’t bother trying to come up with an impressive answer. He could spout off a tackle or interception total Pro Bowl honors or some other lofty goal. But Meriweather sees no point. “Why would I do that?” he says. “I ain’t played in a year.” But everyone sets goals right? Meriweather concedes. “One. To stay healthy be there every game.” The rest Meriweather says will take care of itself. This year represents Meriweather’s third attempt to revitalize a career that got off to a promising start with back-to-back Pro Bowl appearances in his third and fourth seasons in New England. Then he fell out of favor there struggled in one season in Chicago’s cover-two defense and signed with Washington in 2012. Jim Haslett’s defense which calls for an aggressive roaming versatile strong safety seemed like the perfect fit for Meriweather. But last season proved more of a tease than anything. Knee injuries kept Meriweather from getting on the field until Week 11. And that debut didn’t last long. Early in the third quarter — after racking up seven tackles two pass breakups and an interception in the first half — Meriweather tore his right anterior cruciate ligament and was lost for the season.