The Washington Redskins held practice in their indoor bubble Friday, blasting music to simulate the heavy amount of crowd noise that they will face Sunday in Seattle. The Seahawks hold one of the best home field advantages in the NFL, in part, because of the noise. To prepare for the noise, the Redskins worked on silent counts at the line of scrimmage and nonverbal communication. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has never played at CenturyLink Stadium, but was forced to use silent counts in Kansas City and Philadelphia this season. “I’m sure that Seattle may be even louder than anywhere else,” Cousins said. “We’ll be ready for it the best we can. We understand what we’re walking into from that standpoint, and we know we have to communicate very well, verbally and visually, and be ready to go, from the first snap to the last.” Left tackle Trent Williams said the atmosphere makes more of a difference in college, where players are less experienced. In the NFL, Williams said, players have a lot more time to study and there’s more consistent chemistry on the offensive line.