Billy Hamilton was working on bunting Thursday. Hitting coach Brook Jacoby asked Donald Lutz to call whether they were hits or not. Hamilton bunted one fairly hard toward third base. "Knock," Lutz said. "Really?" Jacoby asked. "If it's fair, it's pretty much a hit," Lutz said. Lutz would know. He's played with Hamilton at every minor league stop the last four years. Hamilton, the 22-year-old shortstop-turned-center fielder, will be one of the most-watched players in Reds camp when to Reds begin full-squad workouts Friday, even though he has virtually no chance of making the club. Hamilton stole an all-time record 155 bases last year. He's created a bit of legendry for himself in his short career. He caught a flyball on the warning track when he was still playing shortstop (the left fielder lost the ball). He scored on a sacrifice fly on a popup to second. And he was clocked in 13.8 seconds on an inside-the-park home run. Lutz says you have to see Hamilton's speed to believe. "It will definitely shock people," Lutz said. "People say, 'yeah, I've heard he's fast.' When you actually see it, it blows you away. He's fun to watch."