As Cincinnati Reds president of baseball operations Dick Williams prepared to head with the team to Phoenix for the final series before the All-Star Break, it became more and more likely that the team's negotiations with No. 2 overall pick Hunter Greene could go down to the wire. The Reds have until Friday at 5 p.m. Eastern to sign Greene. If they don't meet that deadline, Greene will be unable to enter the pros for at least another year. He could go to a junior college and re-enter the draft next year, or honor his commitment to UCLA and become draft eligible again in three years. Sources on both sides of the negotiations think a deal will be struck, and Williams remained upbeat when speaking with reporters. "There are a lot of other guys who haven’t crossed the finish line yet," Williams said. "For some reason, it takes people down to the final minutes to make sure they’re getting what they think is appropriate. In this case, we’re getting down to the last day. I’m hoping tomorrow we get a result.” According to sources, the Reds have offered Greene a bonus that would constitute the largest ever doled out to a draft pick under the current draft system. The current record is held by No. 4 overall pick Brendan McKay, who signed with the Tampa Bay Rays for $7,005,000.