If this winter's trade for Shin-Soo Choo pans out for the Reds like they expect, Cincinnati could have one very productive outfield, offensively. That will be especially important, because they do not exactly know just yet what they will be getting defensively. No longer willing to wait for Drew Stubbs to find himself as a hitter, Cincinnati traded him to the Indians to land Choo and install him as the new leadoff man. Choo is a proven hitter and capable of getting on base, but he's also a career right fielder who will be playing center field regularly for the Reds. Choo, 30, has all of 10 big league games as a center fielder and none since 2009. Stubbs could often use his speed in the field to make up for mistakes and track down fly balls. While Choo has a stronger arm, he will undoubtedly bring less speed or range. The Reds' incumbent right fielder, Jay Bruce, told the club he would be willing to shift to center field. The only issue is that Bruce isn't much more experienced there either. He has 35 career games in center field -- all in 2008. Bruce moved to right field permanently after Ken Griffey Jr. was traded. "I think it's going to be great either way," Bruce said. "Shin is an unbelievable outfielder, everybody knows that. Whether he plays center or I play center, it doesn't matter. It's going to work itself out. We have options, and that's not something everyone has. For now, I'm the right fielder, and that's what I plan on being. If something ends up changing, that's the name of the game. Good teams adjust and adapt. We're a very good team."