After Red Wings starting goaltender Jimmy Howard was pulled in the first period after giving up two goals and suffering an upper body injury, Detroit had to be hoping backup Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson would help settle things down and allow them to get back into the game. That didn't happen. The very first shot Gustavsson faced went right through him, and only sheer luck caused it to hit the post instead of the back of the net. Then he lost his stick and couldn't get it back. Then it got worse, as you can see in the video. For some reason I'm sure even Gustavsson himself doesn't really understand, he decided to skate completely out of the net to freeze a puck that was traveling the length of the ice. You can't do that, though. It's against the rules, even for a goalie, to cover the puck while completely outside the crease. The Red Wings go on the penalty kill. Great start, Jonas. Gustavsson was probably hoping that this would allow him to get his stick back, so I guess TECHNICALLY it worked out for him in that regard.